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Mushroom Kenya is one of the leading mushroom farms in Kenya. We organically grow the commonly consumed mushrooms in Kenya such as white button mushrooms, grey & white oyster and Reishi Ganoderma types under very hygienic conditions


To help new and established mushroom farmers in Kenya. We also offer other services related to mushroom farming like consultancy, training and mentorship, we help mushroom farmer build mushroom houses, provide mushroom inputs and machinery, mushroom houses for rentals and more.


  • Dedicated Team
  • Professional training and Mentor ship
  • One stop Shop for mushroom Inputs
Mushroom kenya

Our History

Delicious Mushroom Kenya was started in a school Libraryat Mount Kenya University in Nairobi, Kenya

We started growing white Oyster mushrooms which are the easiest type to start growing as a new farmer

We expanded our farm to growing white button mushrooms

We rolled full mushroom solutions. We offer mushroom products, consultancy, mushroom training & mentorship, Mushroom inputs like seeds (spawns), mushroom house setup, mushroom houses for rent, machinery and more.

Popular Services

Mushroom Training
  • Mushroom farming overview
  • Cost of production
  • Structure design
  • Substrate preparation and mixing ratios
  • Inoculation (spawning),Incubation & maintaining conditions
  • Harvesting & Storage
  • Challenges in production and marketing
Mentoring Mushroom Farmers
  • We believe, one or two days training at the farm is really not enough, we therefore link the new farmers with experienced farmers in their areas to take them through their first harvest. Some of the areas that the mentoship covers are;
  • Mushroom farming quote
  • Mushroom production process
  • substrate preparation and composting
  • Mushroom market and networks
Help in Building Mushroom Houses
  • We help farmers setup mushroom houses and also rent out mushroom houses in production cycles & the best type of houses are;
  • Mud / earth houses
  • Earth bag houses
  • Stone Houses
  • Wooden Houses
  • Green House for growing mushrooms