Mushroom Products

We offer plenty of mushroom products such as: “Dried , Canned, Frozen, Powder, Drugs, Flour, Tablets, Natural Mushroom Wine, Popcorn and more.

Mushroom Consultancy

We provide strategic consulting for decision support, organizational improvement and operative execution. We advise farmers in areas of production, market, new trends and developments in the industry.

Mushroom Training & Mentorship

Mushroom farming solely depend on some skills to make it a success. Our training’s empower farmers in understanding mushrooms, production, costs, markets & more.

We help farmers setup mushroom structures

We offer structure setup services and also manage farms to interested farmers in our pilot project this year.

Mushroom Houses for rent

We are currently constructing mushroom houses that we rent out to interested farmers in production cycles lets say 3-4 months.

Mushroom Inputs Shop

We are currently seting up a mushroom shop that stocks all mushroom products, inputs, machinery, guides, other farm equipment useful in a mushroom farm & more.

Mushroom Value Addition Services

In partnership with other key stakeholders, we are setting up a value addition centre to transform mushroom from its original state to a more valuable state..

Mushroom farmers Networking forum

We bring farmers & other mushroom lovers togather through our networking program. We have FREE monthly networking event, Facebook group, A meetup group, Whatsapp group & more. Contact us for more information.


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Start your Mushroom farming Adventure


Mushroom farming has since become a worth venture as mushrooms are gaining super food status due to its nutritional value. However, the process of growing mushrooms require a lot of attention as they are grown under special conditions that call for the control of temperature, light, humidity, air etc

We have an exclusive programme that is set to answer all your questions regarding mushroom farming from start to market aspect of it. We have experienced trainers that guide new farmers step by step throughout the production cycle.

Most Popular Products

Fresh White Button Mushrooms

Fresh from the farm

Organically grown

Price from Ksh 600.00/Kg

Dry Mushrooms

Grown organically

Dried under high hygienic conditions

Price from Ksh 200.00/100g Punnet

Fresh White & Grey Oyster Mushrooms

Fresh from the farm

Organically grown

Price from Ksh 400.00/kg

Reishi mushroom Powder

Very Medicinal

Can be used in tea, soup and more

Price from Ksh 400.00/Sachet

Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms

Fresh from the farm

Organically grown

Price from $Ksh 600.00/kg

Mushroom Production & Marketing Guide

Step by step mushroom production guide for Button & Oyster types

Mushroom market Guide

Price from Ksh 800.00