Mushroom Kenya is one of the best mushroom farms in Kenya for all your mushroom Needs

We offer mushroom products, consultancy, mushroom training and mentorship, mushroom inputs like spawns (seeds) & machinery, mushroom house setup, mushroom houses for rentals and more.

Mushroom Training

Growing mushrooms require special skills and information is key in thriving in this venture. Our team are experienced with vast knowledge of mushroom production and market.


Our trainings are comprehensive covering majority White button and White oyster mushroom production and market dynamics. We normally have one training every month on a set date when we allow people at the farm and train them practically from there.


We also work with other mushroom farmers to help mentor new farmers in the industry. Keep in touch with us for more information.


Mushroom House Setup

Mushrooms require special conditions to grow that makes a structure suitable for maintaining these conditions. Now that they don’t require sunlight to make their own food, they are grown in a house to control its required conditions such as low temperatures, hygiene, fresh air, darkness and more.


The best type of housing to use is mud houses since they are easy to control the temperatures. Earth bag houses, wooden houses, stone houses and some green houses can also be used to grow mushrooms.


We therefore, help the new farmers build standard houses suitable for growing the mushrooms. We are also rolling out a project of building mushroom houses and renting out to interested people to save them the hustle of looking for a yard or building one. Keep in touch for more information.


Mushroom Substrate Preparation

Mushroom grows on a special soil commonly referred as Mushroom substrate. Different types of mushrooms grow on different mediums/substrates. The substrates have to be prepared in a way that the mushrooms are able to get their own food from it since they don’t use sunlight to make their own food.


The substrate preparation require special skills and attention such as hygiene, quality input, rightful mixing ratios and more. We are helping farmers the headache of substrate preparation and prepare on request.


Our substrates are hygienically prepared, ready for planting. Everything, including the seeds have already been planted. All you have to do is pick and plant. We package them in bags of approx 4 kgs. The pickup point is in Nairobi,contact us for more information.

Mentoring Mushroom Farm

Mushroom Kenya believes that a one or two days training at the farm is not really enough to enable the farmers effectively undertake this special type of farming.


We therefore link the new farmers with experienced farmers in their areas to mentor them through their first production cycle until the time they take the harvest to the market.


This is key because the new farmers get help when they really need it, they can easily access the needed inputs near them, create a network of people of common interest, market for their products and above all, they remain not to repeat the mistakes that other farmers made before them.