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2019 Mushroom Conference rescheduled

Dear All,   This message is to inform you that due to poor weather conditions on our originally scheduled date (Thursday, October 24, 2019), we, unfortunately, have to reschedule this year’s confe...

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Mushroom SMS Alerts

Mushroom farming SMS alerts on new updates on how to grow mushrooms, upcoming markets, trending technologies and more. The weekly updates will be sent directly to your phone. Stay ahead with the rig...

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Easter Messages from Mushroom Kenya

We Wish you all a very happy Easter. Thanks for trusting and choosing us. We would like to remind our trainees that the training and shooting by Elengo team IS ON TOMMORROW at our farm in Karen starti...

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One stop Mushroom Shop

Buying mushroom inputs is so much time consuming and costly because you get one item from one end and the other on the other far end.   Mushroom Kenya is slowly putting this into stop by setting ...

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